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Resident Evil retrospective...episode 2

I have been seriously waiting ALL week long for this second part! My new icon is partly made from this clip.

I first want to say WOW! I never knew some video games would be SO CLOSE to release then they would completely scrap it! Start over. It seems really sad. Like they should go ahead and release it as another title!

Turns out they had almost finished Resident Evil 2, decided it was too close to RE1. So they just tossed aside all that hard work! Started it up tried again.

I knew about ICO how it was original going to be made for the ps1. (I've seen some old beta scenes on youtube) Then they decided to wait for the ps2. So glad they did!

I was just surprised to hear they would scrap nearly finished produces.

Ya know I've never been a huge fan of Resident Evil until Resident Evil 4. I pretty much fell in love with Leon RIGHT AWAY! In fact he's one of my FAVE video game characters!! I still love hearing about Resident Evil games, though I don't think I'd really play the older stuff...I'm too spoiled to RE4 to ever try the older stuff...

I'm PRETTY SURE THERE ARE SOME DEVIL MAY CRY FANS here! wow! One of there drafts for an Resident Evil game help lead to Devil May Cry.

anyway behind the cut is the WONDERFUL RE retrospective episode 2...I swear I won't leave any more RE ones here...since no one seems interest. I just love all the information I learn about video games! Things that I never knew...not just about RE games, but about the process it's self...

there are spoilers for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.


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