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Try Bahamut Lagoon...

Okay, I'm currently playing this SRPG for the SNES and I've recorded a clip of it and uploaded it to YouTube:

My very own video!

I absolutely adore this game! If you're into SRPG and would like something more in-depth than your usual standard fare then you won't go wrong w/ Bahamut Lagoon. It's actually a mix of RPG + SRPG; during battle you control your party members like how you would on games like Final Fantasy Tactics, etc, there are two ways to battle one is direct and the other indirectly the former is when the battle transit into your typical FF battle screen where you can select Attack/Magic/Items/Etc, the latter is just that--indirect, cast magic or skill from afar and that one whole unit will be affected, by the way, one unit = 4 persons so battle will take a long time since you've to murder every single person in one unit, if a battlefield have about 10 units then you've to defeat 10 units x 4 persons = 40 people all together. Personally I've spend over an hour fighting on a battlefield. -_-

Still overall this is a fun game if you're into SRPG. More info here.

I should be making more videos but work and motivation just prevent me from doing so, until next time!


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Apr. 10th, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
ps SO SORRY I AM LATE TO COMMENT! it's been so quiet here...that I forgot to check!

anyway YIPPIE!

I haven't gotten into Tactics games. What does S stand for in RPG?

I always though that Tactic sort of RPG require WAY MORE though process?

by the way I LOVE that people post video game playthroughts on youtube!

I watch games that I can't find/don't want to play BUT want to see the story!

ALSO I will get stuck on games walkthroughs will be WORTHLESS because you have to STAND a CERTAIN direction to talk to a character to get the game to move on! UGH you can't see those things in walkthroughs but you can see them in playthroughts!

Apr. 10th, 2010 07:15 am (UTC)
I get what you mean! I especially hate it when a FAQ can't be specific enough:

"go up, go left talk to the guy and get the SUPER AWESOME SWORD"

When actually you're supposed to GO DOWN A SET OF STAIRS FIRST, then GO UP and then make a slight LEFT TURN and the guy is actually behind a wall. LAZY FAQ WRITER!

Another pet peeve of mine is when a friend asked me "what do you watch on YouTube?" I responded w/ "games.." then they would go "eeww that's dumb, why would you watch games?" to which I replied "I watch games for REVIEWS and to see if a game is worthy for purchase or rent, YouTube isn't all about watching your stupid dramas, kids show and misc craps" they roll their eyes. Stupid people :|

By the way the dragon feeding part is optional but is actually important in a sense if you want your dragons to be strong then you should feed them as they will evolve, and er... I fed my dragons PORN MAGAZINE and his stats shot up -_- I didn't record it but there is a video it depends on the dragon breed. S in SRPG stand for Strategy, so it's Strategy Role Playing Game like FFT, Disgaea, and this game; Bahamut Lagoon. :D
Apr. 10th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
I can think of three games...

Baten Katios Origins..you had to talk to EVERY STUPID person in this village. I DID THAT! I TALKED TO EVERY PERSON!

I looked it up on youtube...watched it. You had to turn a CERTAIN WAY to talk to this person in the pub...if you did NOT turn a CERTAIN way to talk to them...they wouldn't talk to you!

SAME thing happened on Disaster Report. We were in a group in a circle I tried talking to everyone. I was like WHY CAN'T I LEAVE talking these people! walkthrough worthless, playthrough was like talk from a CERTAIN ANGLE! HOW ANNOYING!

I remember on Chrono Trigger I got stuck in the sewers because I couldn't tell the wall area...that you could go through there...

DUDE! I WATCH GAME! like Silent Hill 1. I hear the controls are AWFUL! I refuse to pay $40? for a PS GAME! so I watch it on youtube!

I have a Leon Kennedy Obsession from Resident Evil 4. RE4 was my first RE game...I heard he was in RE2 so I wanted to see the story...but honestly I like the NEW changed gameplay for RE...so I wouldn't want to play how the old ones are...

I ONLY wanted to watch the story!

yeah I'll watch playthroughs to see if the game looks interesting enough to pay.

BUT dude do you go to gametrailers.com I SWEAR they have the BEST reviews!!!

sounds like feeding the dragons would be pretty important HA HA! that's funny about the porn!

I found a dirty magazine on Shadow Hearts...

also on Illbleed...a cheesy horror game..you have to worry about the characters heart rate/many other things...so you have to buy/look at porn so your character's heart rate won't crash...I was like really?

I don't know if I could handle strategy it looks like a LOT of though process...maybe I'll play one if I can find it cheap...
Apr. 10th, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
watched the clips!

WOW I play a LOT of RPG but wow it looks like it has a LOT of though process!

so does feeding the dragons give them new powers?

hee hee it looks like the dragons are eating them when the dragons give them rides.

I know this is a COMPLETELY different type of game...but have you played Drakan Ancient Gates? You play as Rynn a Dragon Rider. You can fly on a dragon across huge lands and have the dragon spit fire balls...then you can Rynn get off use her sword/bow/magic! but it's um action...

Apr. 10th, 2010 07:18 am (UTC)
What platform is that game on you mentioned towards the end? I only have the PSP and DS system D:
Apr. 10th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
it's for the ps2...

WAH? you only have a PSP and a DS?
Mar. 20th, 2012 10:41 pm (UTC)
OMG! LOL, whatever happened to me? Wahaha, sorry for the late 2 years reply. Yes, I only got a DS and a PSP even after 2 years... no progress onto other exciting consoles D:
Mar. 21st, 2012 02:33 am (UTC)
WOW!!!!!! ha ha wow that is late! I forget about this comments! I had to go back and reread to remember ha ha ha!

wow after 2 years still just have those. PS2 is rather cheap now!
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