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Tomb Raider take lessons from Uncharted

first I want to start off with. I'm super bummed this community is so QUIET! I have no clue how to get it going. *Sigh* Any idea's would be dearly appreciated.

So my Dad and I have recently beat Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2.

We loved every minute of it! The story is interesting, the scenery is breath taking, the gameplay is enjoyable, we almost never got stuck, Drake is a funny cute awesome guy.

My Dad and I had funny conversations about Uncharted. Lara vs Drake who would win? Dad says LARA would kick his butt! She's more elegant when swinging, and climbing ect. I asked between the Prince of Persia vs Lara. Dad said PRINCE duh he has the sands of time.

Then as I played Uncharted 2, IT WAS EVEN BETTER than Uncharted 1. Uncharted 2 had SO many exciting moments! riding on a train, jumping from jeep to jeep ect, JUST by how they started the game grabbed you made you wonder what is going to happen next!

I got to thinking. Lara and Drake WOULD either be BEST friends, or they would be completing.

But video game wise Tomb Raider has REALLY gone down hill. Uncharted is FANTASTIC!

I think, Tomb Raider creators! Need to start taking notes/lessons from Uncharted.

Here is what is bothering me. The NEW Tomb Raider. What Tomb Raider NEEDS to be working on is the games flaws. Lets face it a lot of that is STORY and Game play. Not that Gameplay is bad on Tomb Raider, it just seems to get stuck in a rut.

What is Tomb Raider's STRONGEST POINT!??! LARA CROFT!!! She is the best thing about Tomb Raider. She is so BAD ASS! She is interesting, cool, tough, doesn't take crap from no one, can do the impossible! She's beautiful and British. Rich, adventurous.

So the creators or those who have their hands on Tomb Raider now. Have decided to reinvent Tomb Raider. Reinventing can be a good thing just LOOK at Resident Evil 4, ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OUT THERE! BUT where there biggest flaw is there trying to ruin the BEST PART!

Lara Croft, no matter how bad a game we could always count on Lara looking AWESOME! (well expect Angel of Darkness when "I'm not strong enough" bs happened)

in the trailers for the new Tomb Raider, we see a weak Lara. I don't want a WEAK Lara. My Lara Croft is BAD ASS! She wouldn't cry out like a weak girl from a B rated horror movie saying LET GO OF MY LEG. She would pull out her two pistols and shoot anyone who touch her and look cool doing it.

What bothers me is they were trying to say OH we wanted to do something new, a Young Lara, Lara's first adventure.

UM HELLO it's been done before, NOT just done before but that Young Lara could kick this Young Lara's butt.

So I believe Tomb Raider should take Lessons from Uncharted. Lets compare Tomb Raider and Uncharted.

Both have adventurous heroes, check.
Both have some kind of artifact, check.
both have gun fight, check.

here's where I think the differences are. Uncharted the story always seems to lead you to the next area. In Tomb Raider, well honestly I can recall but bits and pieces of stories. I remember traveling a lot in past Tomb Raiders but can bearly tell you why.

My fave Tomb Raider is STILL Tomb Raider 2. I can RECALL THE STORY. There was the dagger, the dagger could make you immortal. You had to pierce the dagger into you. This guy did he turned into a dragon. There was the floating island....ect...

So I think if Tomb Raider was going to invent it's self, I think it should head in directions that Uncharted is going. NO I AM NOT saying take the way Uncharted is doing things.

I think when we play as Lara we need to be doing these exciting things, not just seeing them in clips.

Am I excited for the new Tomb Raider, not really, a weak Lara doesn't excastly interest me. BUT I will play it because I am a Tomb Raider fan.

AM I EXCITED FOR THE NEW UNCHARTED 3 HECK YEAH! I mean the clip alone shows Drake hanging out on the cargo of a PLANE!!!!!!!! What is Drake's Deception?

so I guess what I'm trying to say. Is Tomb Raider should take lessons from Uncharted by. By having the story drive us to new each area, to live EXCITING COOL moments, to concentrate more on story and game play.


One more note to make. I AM NOT PLEASE with how the new Dante looks on Devil May Cry. Dante has WHITE long pretty hair, he's got a nice broad body, HE DOES NOT SMOKE! He is also a bad ass.

honestly I only play Devil May Cry because Dante is hot. I don't like this chopping his hair off. One clip he is bond with chains trapped. My Dante would NEVER be chained up (hee hee unless he wanted to *pause a moment to fantasies about my white hair Dante like that)

THEY BETTER have a DANG good reason for having him with black hair.

It would be like taking Link from Zelda giving him black hair and changing his tunic....

ugh...one another note....other people having there hands on projects. I liked Silent Hill Shattered Memories, BUT DID NOT like Silent Hill Homecoming.....


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