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resident evil retrospective...episode 1

there are spoilers for Resident Evil the first game.

I have been DIEING for them to make a resident evil retrospective!!!!

They finally did! I'm a huge nerd! so I really enjoy this!

It does show CHEESY clip of a zombie movie. It talks a little bit about a few games based of horror movies came out. Then it talks about Resident Evil! What the story is, replay value, how many copies it sold, the remake.

IT WAS SO INTERESTING! it showed the original graphics on one side of the screen and the remake on the other side.

It's amazing how far we have come!


Favorite FFX2 Sphere Combo?

I just started playing again (used to play it when it first came out) and am wondering what in your opinion is the best combo? I'm in Besaid right now.

My usual combo
Yuna: White mage / black mage
Rikku: warrior
Paine: warrior

What do you guys like, what's your strategy, and why?

Does anyone here have Oblivion, game of the year edition, for PS3?

My boyfriend spent hours fixing my character for me and like an idiot I became a vampire. I want to know if the game of the year includes "The Vile Lair" as an alternative to curing the vampirism?

Game Trailers awards

anyone interested in seeing games and stuff that got some awards?

it's got like
-best story
-best games for each systems
-biggest surprises
-best game trailer
-most disappoint game
-best first/third person shooters
....and more....


it's interesting...some of them I'm annoyed with the winners...but some are interestings.

Like some of the games they listed for Game Trailers. I had NEVER heard of I Am Alive.

Also how Wii sales KICK BUTT! that it it beat sales of X-Box 360 and PS3 combine. And Sold a million systems just around Thanksgiving.

Well I like to listen to random video game stuff...I though if anyone else is interested...the link is listed.

2008 games!

Well the year 2008 is coming to an end! I just though I would ask everyone!


here are the games I beat!
-Disaster Report
-Space Quest 6
-Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
-Sherk 2
-Guitar Hero 3 on easy


mine is behind the cut! for length reasons
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Tomb Raider Underworld!!!!!!!! for the Wii

Tomb Raider Underworld FINALLY CAME OUT! In case you don't know I'm a HUGE Tomb Raider Fan!

Anyway only played the beginning area, and watched the beginning clips.

I don't want to spoil (plot like stuff) anything for any one who plans to play, BUT I will say It seems like they are continuing where they left off on Legend. They showed some clips from Legend.

Great things...
-The graphics are nice.
-Lara can do MORE than she could before. So far I've only gotten to her being able to climb up diagonally. I did read more about what else Lara could do, but haven't gotten to it.
-Oh she can do some pretty wild jumps and recover!
-No longer need health items, Lara just heals herself. After a while her health just goes back up. (though I miss med packs, but it's nice not to be hurting for a med pack)
-With the Wii you can use her hands to do puzzles.
-With the Wii most of the time you can be the one pulling a lever instead of just pressing a button.

Bad things....
-Maybe I'm out of practice, BUT I feel like her jumping is a bit more wild. I was having troubles with the nunchuck moving to the sides!
-Some levers are just pressing a button, which I'm like WHY have the Wii version if it's just going to be pressing a button, BUT thankfully not all levers are just pressing buttons.
-IM EXTREMELY disappointed they change the grappling from Tomb Raider Anniversary for the Wii. IN Tomb Raider Anniversary you flick your nunchuck to have Lara throw out the grapple IT FEELS NATURAL! to be using it that way, BUT in Underworld it's pressing a button. WHY WOULD THEY CHANGE GREAT USE OF THE NUNCHUCK! into just pressing a button! if I just wanted to be pressing a button I would play it for another system. So I was kind of mad they changed it because it was better the other way.

anyway but like I said I only played the beginning...so there is so MUCH more to come! That's all I really got to discover so far, BUT CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY MORE!


OH and found our FIRST bug! I had Lara try to crawl under these rocks, then she just got HUNG! I tried EVERYTHING! nothing...she would pull out her guns, you could look around, BUT YOU COULD NOT get Lara to move out of the corner of what she had been crawling under.

X-Box 360 What is the Differences?

What is the differences between a...

X-Box 360 arcade, X-Box system and a X-Box Elite!?

new people?

I feel like maybe there is some new members here? if so I just wanted to say hi!

I'm trying to make the communities interest page have interested from everyone in the community. SO if you feel there is an video game interest...that isn't on the list and should be...just let me know! I'll add it!
So I came across the best theme top list, I disagreed with MOST of the list, Here's what I did agree.

Final Fantasy, Mario, Zelda....(Zelda's Theme got number 1!!)

so what is everyone's fave music from video games?

-Well I LOVE the Zelda Theme song.
-From Final Fantasy, my faves would be Sephiroth theme, and Zanarkand.
-I love almost ALL of Grandia 2 music.
-A LOT OF KING'S QUEST MUSIC! just music, or even there songs.
-The opening music (when you don't press start the music that plays) for Dark Cloud.

well those are the ones that come to my head first...

so anyone else? what are your fave video game music?

Resident Evil 5 interview

so I just watch this interview and it's giving me so MUCH HOPE!

They say they've worked lightly on a two player mode with a split screen, not sure if they will.
-I THINK THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! I mean if they have this girl an AI, why the HECK couldn't she be a second player.

Next they were saying they think Wii is a good hardware, and they think there going to try and figure out how to put it for the Wii. That will be years down the road.
-I'M SO EXCITED! if they do put it for the Wii! that will just make me SO EXCITED! because I really want it for the Wii! I don't care if they dumb down the graphics!

if anyone is interested in seeing the interview.

dear Silent Hill 5 people take a hint and make it for the Wii as well...then I wouldn't have to get another game system till Heavy Rain or Alan Wake.