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Games "R" Us

Games "R" Us
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This place is where all gamers can come together and just rave about what we love! Any video games/computer games, girls and guys, space aliens and vampires - all are welcome! If you play a rare game we would like to hear it, or if you like the popular games and just want to talk about it: This is the place for you!

Posting can be reviews, information, hints, walkthroughs, comments on plot/characters/gameplay, easter eggs, glitches, bugs and more!


  1. Be respectful. Remember everyone has they're own tastes: what they love and what they hate. This community is here to learn about new video games, talk about ones we love. If someone is talking about a video game you don't like be constructive, such as the video game lack direction or plot. If you don't like a game someone is talking about, you can be polite and say, "I felt this game had bad gameplay," or "bad voice acting" or whatever your issue with the game is. Instead of being rude or boring, you don't have to say anything at all.

  2. Keep spoilers behind cuts! If you're being specific about plot or what happens to a character, keep that in a cut. If you feel it could spoil someone playing the game keep it in the cut.

    There are 2 ways to do an LJ Cut:

  3. Images and vidoe clips are welcome! Just remember this does take up some people's friend's pages. So keep images to a few smaller sizes. If it's a spoiler image put it in a cut. If it's a large image put it in a cut. If the video has spoilers just have a warning.

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